[islandlabs] Simple hack?

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Tue Oct 14 18:45:13 EDT 2008

Island Labs main mailing list wrote:
> It works well, but only from ~15-20ft away, and I see much more
> potential for fun with more range.  Is it just a matter of attaching a
> bigger IR led to it? Or do I need some sort of circut? Can I use a bigger
> battery (the cr2032 wont last very long with a bigger led) or even a
> separate battery just for the LED. Hope someone can help.

Both are possible but I doubt you'll get much of a difference, more likely
you'll just burn the circuit. You can build an amplifying circuit using and
op-amp but it might make the signal too noisy. As an alternative you can wire in
a transistor with a bigger power-source and more powerful IR.

Oh also depending on how the device is built there might be a current limiting
resistor for the LED that you might be able to swap out.

There are some TV-b-gone hacks which you can use as inspiration. I think they
are basically just amplify the signal with external circuitry.

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