[islandlabs] Wearable projector adds info to everyday activities

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Wed Mar 11 15:09:56 EDT 2009

 From my shared reader...
This is right out of Transmetropolitan, the latest MS vision of 2019,
and tons of other stuff.

The hand phone is incredible.

Sent to you by Jonathan via Google Reader: Wearable projector adds info
to everyday activities via Hack a Day on 3/11/09

[Pattie Maes] from MIT’s Media Lab showed a really interesting
augmented reality demo at TED this year. It’s a wearable projector that
lets you interact with any surface. A camera tracks the gestures your
fingertips make and performs related actions. She shows several uses:
projecting a dial pad on your hand, displaying additional info on a
product you’re holding, and taking a picture when you form a frame with
your hands. The current equipment cost is $350, but that would be
reduced in a dedicated device.

[via Waxy]

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