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  Sent to you by Jonathan via Google Reader: CNC hot wire cutter from
scanners via Hack a Day by Mike Szczys on 10/19/09

[Raul] built a CNC hot wire cutter that he uses for cutting shapes out
of foam. His device uses two flat bed scanners to provide two planes of
motion. One scanner arm has the foam mounted on it and provides the
Y-axis movement. The other scanner has the hot wire mounted on it and
provides the X-axis movement. The cutting wire is mounted on a flexed
bow made from heavy gauge coat hanger wire.

He tapped into the logic board of one scanner to gain access to the
motor movements. The other is connected through a couple of H-bridges.
Both are controlled by an Atmel AVR ATmega128 which in turn takes its
commands from a connection with a computer printer port. A python
program uses vector graphic files in SVG format and traces the outline
for cutting.

We’ve got a video of this in action after the break. At our request,
[Raul] took some time to post a set of pictures and make comments on
them. Thanks for the hard work and great job!

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