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Jonathan Dahan jedahan at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 16:47:50 EDT 2009

Hi Jan,

This is the current proposal for campus lifetime, I've never done one of
these before so advice is highly appreciated!

Island Labs wants to light up the campus. As soon as it starts snowing, we
want to release at least 500 led baloons and as many led throwies as we can.
These will encourage the students to stop and interact with each other
spontaneously instead of rushing around and generally ignoring non-friends.
We would like to release the baloons from the top of the library, and then
join the fun with throwies on the floor. Historically people end up taking
the baloons and throwies to keep themselves, but if there are any leftovers
they will decorate campus nicely ( and if they are still up after a week,
Island Labs @ StonyBrook will gladly clean them up). This would require at
least $500 just for the balloons, LEDs, tape and batteries. If we want some
throwies, it also ends up being about $1/per for quantities < 1000. We are
in the process of becoming an official club, but have over 30 members and
have been meeting weekly for over a year.

Video Demo of LED Throwies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrnLF04qmsM

- Jonathan
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