[islandlabs] How's the printing?

Burns, William burns at cshl.edu
Fri Apr 9 12:31:05 EDT 2010

Making slow progress..
The improvised heated build platform is working very well w/ 220 degree
I found someone saying that getting a raft to stick to a non-heated
platform works much better at 230 degrees, but that the rest of the
build has to be at 220.
Almost had a clean build Wednesday night.
The 'bot lost belt tension and started skipping teeth about 1/3 through
the first part. It was looking really good up to that point.
I'm finding that the makerbot design doesn't make it easy to retention
the lowest belt. (there's a nut underneath the lower movable stage) I'm
considering drilling a hole through the bottom of the bot, into the
power supply area so I can get a ratchet through there.
I'm having trouble w/ skeinforge on the PC.
It doesn't run, giving the error shown in the last post of this thread:
I assume that it's looking for a non-existent file, and then bombing
'cause there's something wrong w/ the error reporting code, but I
haven't had a chance to pinpoint the problem.


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	Any good news?   Working now?

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