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Here's what Chris had to say about 29Mhz radio reception..
Nothing shocking here, except that his father's tower isn't currently
equipped to listen-in on the 29Mhz frequency.


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This is mostly related to the Island Labs balloon launching stuff.
Bill, this will answer the stuff we were talking about.

We do have a big base-station rig that goes to 29 MHz, a Kenwood TS-520.

The antenna we used to use with this rig was a large wire dipole antenna
hung at about the 80-foot level on the tower (I think), but is damaged
and needs repairs that are not likely to happen before the end of the
month.  i.e. it probably won't be available when you need it.  It hasn't
seen use in at least a decade now.  I think the nylon ropes that held in
place got UV sun beaten and disintegrated, which is what eventually
happens to them.

Ask the hams in your group if either of them has a portable scanner.
Most of these scan the ham bands out-of-the-box, and thus likely can
hear 29 MHz, as it's part of the 10-meter ham band.  An external antenna
jack is a plus in case you want to try using a directional antenna, but
a directional antenna at
29 MHz is likely to be quite big so it's a secondary concern.  A scanner
plus a laptop with a Morse Code decoder program sounds like a workable

I have at least one really old crappy laptop I can donate to that cause
if you need one, but I don't have a portable scanner.  I should have
picked one up by now, but never did.

  -- Chris


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