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radiometrix shx1


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	With the meeting room?
	Jonathan will have access to the office through the fall.
	Re: the payload:
	The payload was lost.
	We launched from a location that had no cell coverage, and
(though it was working w/ instamapper the day before) we never got a
signal from it after it launched/landed.
	There were clear markings on the side of Tunacan II, and a phone
number for people to call if the payload is found.
	So.. We have no phone to launch with this weekend.
	That puts us out of the hackerspaces in space competition.
	We had the idea of testing the ascent rate of a balloon by
releasing it on a very long tether, and measuring how long it takes the
balloon to reach the end of the tether.
	We ?relearned? the lesson about not launching from a location
without cell coverage, but I think we've given up on that 'cause
boost-mobile coverage isn't available in most of the places we'd want to
launch from.
	Opinions? Did we do that part wrong, or not?
	So.. for the next step...
	Joe built a cool 555 based intervalometer for the keycams. We
should try to document that design, and put it online in case anyone
wants to duplicate it.
	I've got a microcontroller based intervalometer breadboarded,
and in testing.
	Joe has most of the components of an APRS system. (he still
needs a radio transmitter)
	Jay found an interesting "$5" (probably exaggerated low dollar
figure) non-APRS transmitter that can built from discrete components,
and can (paired with a microcontroller) transmit morse code. We believe
we can get/build a very cheap microcontroller based system that will
transmit air pressure (a.k.a. altimeter) data via morse, which (if we
have very good/reliable receivers) should allow us to compute our rate
of ascent, our burst time, and our rate of decent.
	We have a nearly full T-size helium tank.
	We have a pressure gauge for it too.
	So.. lots of good possibilities for future launches.
	APRS iphone app:
	Radiometrix FM transmitter: (available in 144.390 Mhz APRS
flavor; 300mw; advertized 10km range, modified to 600km) Part number:
HX1-169.390-3 http://www.radiometrix.co.uk/dsheets/hx1.pdf

	Micro-Trak 300 used w/ Radiometrix HX1 in balloon application

	radiometrix (non APRS?) paired recievers and transmitters


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		Aftermath?  What happened?


		John A.


		On Aug 25, 2010 10:28 AM, "Joe" <toolfox at gmail.com>
		> Now that Jonathan's finished with his classes and no
longer has an office in the 
		> Math Tower, what are our future plans for meetings
short term?
		> Is there anything planned for tonight? I've done a bit
of research on that $5 
		> Morse Code transmitter, and I'd like to share it with
the group, along with a 
		> few other simple project ideas that will benefit those
who participate long-
		> term.
		> Also, is the list down again? I haven't seen any
traffic since Saturday. There's 
		> been no discussion on the aftermath of Saturday's
balloon launch.
		> Is anybody out there? Hello? Hello? Buehler? Buehler?
		> Joe
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