[islandlabs] islandlabs.org domain blocked

kupo kupo at antenora.aculei.net
Mon Feb 8 14:35:29 EST 2010

Hey just figured I would forward this along. 
Seems the dns provider you're using to host islandlabs is flagged as a baddy here at work, might wanna consider switching?

Quote "

Ticket Information:
Title: Trouble reaching a webpage
Number: 65901
Most Recent Description: Cybersecurity has blocked the two nameservers. Currently waiting on their response to
the matter.

Resolution: nsX.afraid.org is apparently a not-so-reputable site that cyber refuses to unblock
for various reasons. Spoke to EU and he said he's fine with it -- it's not the actual
site being blocked, just the nameservers. EU said he can always just go directly
through the IP.

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