[islandlabs] Launch Date?

Burns, William burns at cshl.edu
Wed Feb 10 00:33:14 EST 2010

We're running out of time before I-Con...
So.. There are only 5 possible launch weekends:
Saturday Feb 20th ? conflicts w/ radio show?
Sunday Feb 28th. (I'll be meeting w/ some ham radio guys on Saturday)
Saturday March 6th
Sunday March 14th
Saturday March 20th ? conflicts w/ radio show?
I saw the parachute today. It looks good. very light-weight material.
We still need to get firmware onto the camera, but John is volunteering his if that doesn't work out.
So... I need to get a hose and a fitting to match the helium tank.
Then, we need to get an APRS setup, find the cell-phone, or buy a new one.
Otherwise, we're down to assembling the payload.
I assume that the snow will keep us from meeting this week.
I suggest that we assemble the payload next week in an attempt to be ready for the first potential lauch date. (Feb 20th)
On launch day we'll need to pick-up a helium tank (at 8:00am?) gather up the chase team, and drive to our launch site. (yet to be picked, but Joe and Amy have done some research on that subject)
Figure that we'll spend 3 hours after the launch waiting for, and then finding the balloon landing site.
W/ travel time, this could be a pretty full day.

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