[islandlabs] Launch Date?

Bob Bennett benro at optonline.net
Wed Feb 10 09:44:14 EST 2010

If you decide to do this on a radio show day, let me know as soon as
possible so I can line up a fill-in.

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 12:54 AM, John Teddy <masterjediyoda at gmail.com>wrote:

> I very much agree with Bill's assessment, we need to launch soon. The first
> launch date is the weekend after next, that is less than two weeks from now.
> Kuzew how is APRS coming, can you finish it in time?
> Jonathan, did you find that cell phone? If not are you going to order
> another one?
> We need to test to communications system we use before the launch, we we
> have to do that as well.
> I've volunteered my Subaru wagon to pickup the helium tank, the total cost
> temporarily is $300 ... I agreed to split this with Bill. We'll get a $150
> deposit back from that $300, assuming we don't drop the tank off a bridge or
> ruin it in some way.
> We have everything we need except a proof of concept on the remote
> communications system. The parachute has been bought, I have the camera (my
> camera is the best quality, and will take the best video compared to the
> others), balloon is ready. We have a helium location and a vehicle for
> transporting it. We're coming in on the home stretch here, everyone chime in
> on if you can make the dates, and what you think. Also if anyone wants to
> step up for more funding, that is also appreciated. Who is riding in what
> cars, who is taking their car with them. We should have a system for sharing
> gas prices, and toll prices, etc.
> Next week should be all efforts to assembling the payload, planning that
> all out. We need to make sure this is highly organized and we have step by
> step layout of what will take place.
> Also, when testing the remote communications equipment. We should have two
> teams, and have one team hide the device... and the other team finds it. As
> a practice run, so we are all familiar with the protocols we'll be using,
> and have a real proof of concept for search and rescue.
> -John
> P.S. The balloon launch takes priority over radio show in my opinion.
> On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 12:33 AM, Burns, William <burns at cshl.edu> wrote:
>> We're running out of time before I-Con...
>> So.. There are only 5 possible launch weekends:
>> Saturday Feb 20th ? conflicts w/ radio show?
>> Sunday Feb 28th. (I'll be meeting w/ some ham radio guys on Saturday)
>> Saturday March 6th
>> Sunday March 14th
>> Saturday March 20th ? conflicts w/ radio show?
>> I saw the parachute today. It looks good. very light-weight material.
>> We still need to get firmware onto the camera, but John is volunteering
>> his if that doesn't work out.
>> So... I need to get a hose and a fitting to match the helium tank.
>> Then, we need to get an APRS setup, find the cell-phone, or buy a new one.
>> Otherwise, we're down to assembling the payload.
>> I assume that the snow will keep us from meeting this week.
>> I suggest that we assemble the payload next week in an attempt to be ready
>> for the first potential lauch date. (Feb 20th)
>> On launch day we'll need to pick-up a helium tank (at 8:00am?) gather up
>> the chase team, and drive to our launch site. (yet to be picked, but Joe and
>> Amy have done some research on that subject)
>> Figure that we'll spend 3 hours after the launch waiting for, and then
>> finding the balloon landing site.
>> W/ travel time, this could be a pretty full day.
>> Thoughts?
>> -Bill
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