[islandlabs] Help w/ TNC? APRS?

Burns, William burns at cshl.edu
Thu Feb 11 23:45:13 EST 2010

What are you looking for re: the TNC?
is PIC based...
Do you have enough info to build one of those?
If you want to change the info that it transmits, this code might help:


"I spent some time getting familiar with the APRS Protocol Reference and
then wrote a Perl script (aprs.pl) to implement APRS on the flight



What's the next thing you need?


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	Hey all,
	ATM, I have working the start of the power management stuff,
reading the +5V rail and monitor for any drastic changes. The rest of
the logic to shut down some core components will be implemented later,
after I get the rest of the sensors. It is speaking EIA RS-485 and can
be controlled via this interface, as long as the commands are in the
jump table. I'm also reading 1-wire temperature. So I send it a command
and it spits back to me a answer via RS-485. Later it will have a task
list and will only send out data via RS-485 (can be changed to RS-232). 
	 o Buying the rest of the sensors and start talking to them.
	 o Talking to the GPS, tonyb has it IIRC.
	 o Writing to SD via SPI.
	 o Extensive testing/debugging.
	Now, as for the TNC, I would need help with that. For our
purposes, it needs to be all configured on the fly and not just limited
to GPS. The pre-built ones seem very limited in that you can only do GPS
and you can only have one comment send which is pre-programmed. I would
like something that is very literal. You send it a string via UART or
other means, and it creates a APRS packet from what you sent it, then
converts it via some basic modem (on or off the micro, it doesn't
matter) to what would then be connected to the radio. Almost like a KISS
TNC. Here is even more of a trick, it must fit within our power budget
and must be within a reasonable form factor. Maybe someone would like to
be in charge of building one from scratch or buying one that needs to be
built that does what we want. It needs to be able to transmit weather,
location and general messages. The general messages would be used to
monitor the overall health of the micro and how much power is being
used... etc. It can be two-way but one-way is just fine for our
	Any thoughts or suggestions?
	I will work on it more today because work is closed and classes
are canceled.
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	Also Kuzew, if you need help speak up. There are resources and
people we can
	reach out to.
	A buddy of mine is an electrical engineer. She does sonar
systems at
	Northrop Grumman. She could definitely be quite helpful if she's
willing. I
	don't know what stage you're at. Give some update in a percent
though, so
	60% completion, 90%, 10%, etc etc.
	On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 12:54 AM, John Teddy
<masterjediyoda at gmail.com>wrote:
	> I very much agree with Bill's assessment, we need to launch
soon. The first
	> launch date is the weekend after next, that is less than two
weeks from now.
	> Kuzew how is APRS coming, can you finish it in time?
	> Jonathan, did you find that cell phone? If not are you going
to order
	> another one?
	> We need to test to communications system we use before the
launch, we we
	> have to do that as well.
	> I've volunteered my Subaru wagon to pickup the helium tank,
the total cost
	> temporarily is $300 ... I agreed to split this with Bill.
We'll get a $150
	> deposit back from that $300, assuming we don't drop the tank
off a bridge or
	> ruin it in some way.
	> We have everything we need except a proof of concept on the
	> communications system. The parachute has been bought, I have
the camera (my
	> camera is the best quality, and will take the best video
compared to the
	> others), balloon is ready. We have a helium location and a
vehicle for
	> transporting it. We're coming in on the home stretch here,
everyone chime in
	> on if you can make the dates, and what you think. Also if
anyone wants to
	> step up for more funding, that is also appreciated. Who is
riding in what
	> cars, who is taking their car with them. We should have a
system for sharing
	> gas prices, and toll prices, etc.
	> Next week should be all efforts to assembling the payload,
planning that
	> all out. We need to make sure this is highly organized and we
have step by
	> step layout of what will take place.
	> Also, when testing the remote communications equipment. We
should have two
	> teams, and have one team hide the device... and the other team
finds it. As
	> a practice run, so we are all familiar with the protocols
we'll be using,
	> and have a real proof of concept for search and rescue.
	> -John
	> P.S. The balloon launch takes priority over radio show in my
	> On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 12:33 AM, Burns, William
<burns at cshl.edu> wrote:
	>> We're running out of time before I-Con...
	>> So.. There are only 5 possible launch weekends:
	>> Saturday Feb 20th ? conflicts w/ radio show?
	>> Sunday Feb 28th. (I'll be meeting w/ some ham radio guys on
	>> Saturday March 6th
	>> Sunday March 14th
	>> Saturday March 20th ? conflicts w/ radio show?
	>> I saw the parachute today. It looks good. very light-weight
	>> We still need to get firmware onto the camera, but John is
	>> his if that doesn't work out.
	>> So... I need to get a hose and a fitting to match the helium
	>> Then, we need to get an APRS setup, find the cell-phone, or
buy a new one.
	>> Otherwise, we're down to assembling the payload.
	>> I assume that the snow will keep us from meeting this week.
	>> I suggest that we assemble the payload next week in an
attempt to be ready
	>> for the first potential lauch date. (Feb 20th)
	>> On launch day we'll need to pick-up a helium tank (at
8:00am?) gather up
	>> the chase team, and drive to our launch site. (yet to be
picked, but Joe and
	>> Amy have done some research on that subject)
	>> Figure that we'll spend 3 hours after the launch waiting for,
and then
	>> finding the balloon landing site.
	>> W/ travel time, this could be a pretty full day.
	>> Thoughts?
	>> -Bill
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