[islandlabs] Balloon Phone

John Teddy masterjediyoda at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 13:37:22 EST 2010

Hey John,

This is fantastic news. Test out the phone if possible before the next Wed.
IL meeting.

Wednesday night we will engage in some search and rescue around town in
Stony Brook, and try to locate the phone. Thursday morning I am going to
shell out $300 (split with Bill) and put the helium tank into my Subaru. At
that point we'll have committed to launching the upcoming weekend. We should
aim for everything to be assembled and ready to go after the Wed. IL

If anyone has any new ideas, or thinks things should be different... show up
Wednesday with the finished product of whatever change you want to offer.
THere have been hundreds of ideas related to this project at this point.
It's time to launch soon, it will be a few days after the next IL meeting
assuming nothing else goes wrong.

-John Teddy

On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 11:04 PM, john abella <john at abella.net> wrote:

> I bought a Moto i290 (Boost) phone off eBay.  Once it arrives I'll get it
> loaded it so we can do some testing.
> I'll hopefully have it for next Wednesday, we'll see.     If anyone has
> anything specific they want to see loaded on it let me know off-list and I
> can try it when it arrives.
> John A.
> john at abella.net
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