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Does anyone know this guy?


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	Question/Suggestion re Guest
	Someone just asked me if I have ever heard of this guy. Never have so did a web search. Although he wasn't suggesting him as an I-CON guest, I am. 
	If he's already appeared, my apologies for not paying closer attention the program book! At the very least, I'd be shocked if one of our student members wasn't currently taking one of his classes. 
	 http://www.stonybrook.edu/complit/new/guins.html <http://www.stonybrook.edu/complit/new/guins.html> 
	Raiford Guins
	Director of Cultural Studies 
	Assistant Professor
	Principal Editor, Journal of Visual Culture
	Department of CLCS
	Raiford Guins is an Assistant Professor of Digital Cultural Studies, member of the Consortium for Digital Arts, Culture & Technology, and a founding Principal Editor with the Journal of Visual Culture (Sage). 
	He's written about horror films:
	Horror International (Wayne State, 2005), The Techniques of Terror: The Films of John Carpenter (Wallflower, 2005), 
	And he teaches and writes about "video game culture and history." In fact he's started a "Video and Computer Game Archive" on the Stony Brook campus and is writing a book Arcadeology: Excavations in Video Game History, Memory, and Preservation
	I know it's up to each track to invite their own guests, but getting a guy like this to appear and perhaps get to know us and support us would probably help down the road. 
	-Mike Dauenheimer
	Alumni Coordinator 

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