[islandlabs] Music Meeting Recap

Burns, William burns at cshl.edu
Thu Jan 7 22:12:12 EST 2010

I hope everyone got something out of that meeting.
Chris: If you subscribe to, (or just view) the Island Labs mailing list, you should find the recent message w/ links to PCB prototype/manufacturing info.
Now that you've all met, I encourage all of you to talk amongst yourselves.
Isaiah said something about having created a mailing list to continue discussions. I'll let you guys know what/where it is if he lets me know what/where it is.
If you guys want to meet again, let me know. I don't think that wednesdays are the best day for all of you. Maybe a different time/place could be arranged.
I made a few notes during the music meeting, mostly recording a few buzzwords, and who I think they're related to. (or who mentioned them)
Here they are:

Johnathan's site:
concept: musicians venues fans
Kutiman thruyou
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kutiman <https://fe.cshl.edu/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kutiman> 

Isaiah's site:
concept: Song-writers, musicians, entrepeneurs/investor
write a song in reason...
songwriters union
Audacity (music sequencer)

Chris Peters
Working on business/manufacturing plan for instrument
ableton live (dj music)

Has her own website, and previously was actively producing childrens music.
Some of her music is still selling.
music sales:
itunes cdbaby

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