[islandlabs] Wireless/GPS chipset proposal

Burns, William burns at cshl.edu
Fri Jan 15 10:31:08 EST 2010

The things to be most concerned about are weight budgets, power budgets,
and risking (high dollar?) solutions to a possible loss/destruction of
A final concern would be interference between RF components, but we can
test for that on the ground.
If you bring us a datalogger, and it fits in the weight/power budget,
I'll put it in the payload.
re: the XBee, I didn't realize that it had that kind of range. (That's
another thing we'd want to test before launch)
If we actually get 15 miles w/ the Xbee, it's really competitve w/ the
"infinite" range of APRS.
We should position our chase teams based on the assumption that we'll
loose all signal on landing.


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	Hey all,
	I'm really trying not to invade on your current wireless/GPS
setup with the cell phone (seeing that you already bought one), but I
would like to propose using Xbee [1] or XTend [2] wireless chipsets
along with buying a cheap GPS module [3]. The micro that is in the DAQ
system would also be in charge in dealing with wireless/GPS chipsets as
well as doing the read/writes to SD and the sensors. Of course we would
still use the phone as backup in case of failure of the wireless system.
	These wireless chipsets apparently very easy to work (I've been
told), they use UART and take normal Hayes AT commands. We could buy the
cheaper one and design (or buy maybe) a antenna to squeeze >15 miles out
of it. It is all in antenna design and the sensitivity of the receiver.
	Getting a GNU/Linux client working shouldn't be too hard as
well. A python or some C code could talk to the wireless chipset (via
serial, /dev/ttyS0) and ask the balloon where it is and plot it on a
map, with altitude position. Maybe it could interface with
	Anyway, thats it. Any thoughts on this?
	[1] -
	[2] -
	[3] -
(thanks TonyB!)
	P.S. Microsoft's Outlook Web Access sucks! It locked me out 2
times while writing this because of inactivity! Err! 

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