[islandlabs] Seeedstudio Stalker

Burns, William burns at cshl.edu
Wed Jan 20 08:46:32 EST 2010

Page 5 says that the seeduino_stalker can function as a shield to
another arduino?!?
They'd be connected via the I2C bus, and otherwise the stalker would
pass-through the connections of the arduino headers.
An additional shield would effectively be connected to the arduino, and
not the stalker.
This gives you 2 functioning atmel microcontrollers at the same time.
But... No I/O (except for I2C) on the datalogger?
Maybe individual pins on the stalker can be switched back-and-forth
between "native" and "relay" mode, so that pins can be selectively
connected to the arduino, or to the stalker...


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	It is either sold out or hasn't gone on sale yet.

	Page 6 is nice, gives a good overview of how the components can
work together.

	- Jonathan

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