[islandlabs] Parachute Purchase

Burns, William burns at cshl.edu
Fri Jan 22 18:20:29 EST 2010

Go w/ the 4-ft parachute, but check to make sure that it'll handle a
4-lb payload. (4 lbs should cover/include the weight of the balloon
Also verify that 4-ft is the measure of it's diameter, and not a
measurement of the arc across the top of the fabric.
The paisley parachute is a test platform.
(The final one should be red, and have a 5-ft diameter)
re: multiple launches
I'd rather not launch 2 balloons at once.
We're better off having the chase teams looking for one balloon, and not
Also, we may be able to improve/make-adjustments to a 2nd flight based
on what we learn from the first.
re: another balloon.
The office is a little crowded, so I don't want to buy another balloon
Once we get one off the ground though, I'll get another one.
re: the camera:
I haven't had a chance to mess w/ the current camera but...
Connie (from the I.L. music meeting) may be showing up on Wednesday to
donate another cannon that's on the CHDK compatibility list, so if you
could be there to help out, that'd be awesome.
re: the launch schedule:
I-Con is coming up.
I'd really like to be able to show Balloon data/results at an I-Con
(Can we launch on/before March 20th? opinions?)


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	o yea, I am ordering from here:
	If you know of a better price, or better parachute... speak up
now. I'm thinking to just go with the 4 feet one, since it only costs $5
more, and I don't think the weight is any significant difference.
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		So I'm going to order a parachute.
		Bill has invested lots of time and money into this
weather balloon project. He is spearheading most of the efforts from
what I can tell.
		Now Kuzew is stepping up and paying for electronics for
an APRS system to my knowledge as well. Each Bill and kuzew are throwing
in over $50 to acquire the resources for the project.
		I bought the $20 cell phone (*cough* which can't be
found *cough*)... now that this new APRS system is being setup by kuzew
(and tonyb?)... this cellphone option seems obsolete.
		The parachute will cost $51 (with shipping) for 3 feet,
and $56 (with shipping) for 4 feet. I want a consensus as to 3 or 4
feet, or some kind of feedback. So what do you guys think, 3 or 4 feet?
		The guy on the phone said he was the first civilian to
launch a rocket into space. I was asking him about the weight of the
parachute, he said he didn't quite know... but speculated 1/10th of a
pound to 2/10ths.
		I don't want this to diminish the paisley parachute
either. I figure at this point we just need someone to step up and buy
another 800 gram balloon... and we can do two launches, maybe even on
the same day. Since they'll land generally in a similar vicinity, I

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