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John Abella john.abella at gmail.com
Sun May 9 12:24:51 EDT 2010

So 3 or 4 days after getting my makerbot tuned and running, I blew out
a PTFE insulator.   Molten ABS leaked out and though I had some
spares, I didn't have the right combination of parts and tools to fix
it just yet.  ( for the record, make sure you're set for the right
thermistor!  We basically cooked it ).

So now I've got three barrel setups:

1.  Ptfe barrel, traditional nichrome wrap, armored with a copper pipe
joint and hose clamps now so it can't bulge.

2.  Ptfe, makergear "heatcore" heater, armored

3.  PEEK insulator, heatcore, hose clamped.

We also had a lot of issues with the heated build platform, but once
we wired it up to a relay and stopped overheating the MOSFET it's been

Printed for a few hours yesterday and things look good.

My father picked up a bot to build and build and try to sell in eBay.
It arrived friday and we had it printing yesterday morning.

Pics of adventures here - lots!



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