[islandlabs] Friday Balloon Launch

Joe toolfox at gmail.com
Sun May 9 23:46:42 EDT 2010

On Sunday 09 May 2010 11:11:24 am Burns, William wrote:
> After we get a tethered payload in the air (w/ a downward
> facing camera) we can go inside for the presentation.

Here's a thought I just had this evening: Remember the idea I had about doing 
a "dress rehersal" launch with a balloon/payload teathered to 100' of 
color-coded string and time how long it takes to ascend for a real-world test 
of the ascent rate? Maybe we can try out that concept when we're ready to let 
the balloon fly free and see what happens when an ascending balloon/payload 
has it's chain jerked...so to speak.

Another thought: Once we let the balloon go free, can we optically track it 
with a telescope? Maybe if we have a USB webcam taped to the eyepiece, we can 
record what the telescope sees and let others see the telescope view as well.

Unfortunately, I have no access to either type of device.


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