[islandlabs] Balloon Talk again!!!

Burns, William burns at cshl.edu
Thu May 20 14:17:53 EDT 2010

re: "We can take this show on the road!"
Can we take the campers on the road?
That would be a *huge* chase team.


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	I just spoke to the camp director at Harbor's summer camp. They
would love for us to come back during the summer to do the balloon talk
and a tethered balloon launch with the campers. They agreed to pay us
$200 for our event. We can use the money to pay for the balloon and use
the rest for buying more equipment for future launches!  I know this
would require missing another day or 1/2 day of work but it should be a
lot of fun and I think it would be worth it.  We just have to pick a
	Who's in?  We can take this show on the road! 
	 - Lori

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