[islandlabs] The Swearing Idiot's Summary to Open Source Hardware Compliance (cursing ahead!)

Jonathan Dahan jedahan at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 12:05:39 EST 2010


We are trying to define what Open Source Hardware is, and are closer to a
1.0. Feedback is appreciated through the appropriate channels, though if you
are lazy you can reply and tell me to forward (with attribution) your

Heres a short (and inaccurate) summary I made, whereas you could probably
replace the word 'shit' with 'Open Source Hardware and Software

The Swearing Idiot's Understanding of OSHW Compliance
1: Document your shit so that others can read it
2: Be clear on what shit is being covered by your license
3: Make sure people can use your shit with Open Source Software, even if
they gotta write it themselves
4: Let others build off your shit with the same terms
5: Do not charge royalties or fees for redistribution of your shit
6: Your shit or derived shit may require attribution, and may have
name/version restrictions
7-8: Let anyone use your shit for any purpose
9: Do not bundle other licenses with your shit
10: Your shit's license must remain valid even when broken up from its
original bundle
11: You must allow your shit to be bundled with anyone else's shit
regardless if their shits licenses
12: Your shit's license must be valid even when replacing components of that

Note that there is no GPL style viral clause, and there will never be so
please do not get into that argument or even ask why, it will just derail
this thread. It has already been discussed and decided upon, with a small
portion or why explained in the forums
http://www.openhardwaresummit.org/forum .

We are mainly looking for loopholes in the spirit of the license, ambiguous
wording, redundancies and the like. If you know anyone familiar with the law
in this area who has the time and inclination to look over the definition
that would be appreciated as well.

- Jonathan
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