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Here is something that may have come from the website:

Island Labs is a collective of technology enthusiasts from Long Island, New 
York. We aim to improve the world by creatively rethinking technology. Some 
focuses of the group are mechanical, software, electrical, chemical, social, and 
food engineering. A lot of us are artists, musicians, and generally fun people. 
\o/ All meetings are open to the public, we have newcomers every meeting.

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The lack of a bio page could be my fault.
I could have given them more.

Do we have a blurb we want to submit?

I'm not sure what we want to say given that:
1) The meeting place is/was in flux.
2) The website is down.


Do you want to send me your tarball?


> > And we should have a bio page on there like any other group ( 
> > http://www.iconsf.org/dockingbay.php for example ).
> Agreed. Again, why didn't we give them that information 
> before? I did suggest it at the start.
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