[islandlabs] Is tonight's meeting on?

Brian Fix brian.fix at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 13:57:05 UTC 2011

i believe johnathen is in san francisco for an extended vacation or something.

perhaps tony could proctor the meeting if its gonna be in the math
building office.


On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 9:32 AM, Joe <toolfox at gmail.com> wrote:
> We showed up last week at about 8:00 and the office was dark and
> locked. What's more, there's no traffic on the mailing list...unless
> the server got "stupid" again.
> It's getting on the second week of February. We should have already
> made our final workshop/panel offers to I-CON, gotten our approvals for
> comps, and submitted our detailed descriptions + bios to the committee.
> Why are we dragging our feet and pissing away precious time?
> Second order of business: March is fast approaching. If the snow melts
> at the rate it is and doesn't accumulate any more, we should try
> another balloon launch before I-CON so we can possibly have something
> new to report.
> I propose that we send up the APRS system (1) and the two spycams with
> Bill's AtTiny intervelometer for picture taking and video. This means
> that we should start designing the package and integrating the system
> during the month so we can do it at a sane pace.
> Do we want to send a GPS cellphone as well for redundency? If so, do we
> want to stick with BoostMobile? What alternatives can we live with? Can
> we find a used phone that works with someone's already-existing data
> plan and either clone the SIM card or activate the phone on their
> account for a day or two?
> We really need to start getting our shit together...
> Joe
> Notes:
> (1) The current proposed acronym for the APRS module is B.E.T.T.I.
> (Balloon Environmental Telemetry Transmission Interface) because it is
> currently housed in an old Betty Crocker cake frosting tub. :-P
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