[islandlabs] LIMARC

Joe toolfox at gmail.com
Sat Feb 26 18:37:17 UTC 2011

On Sat, 26 Feb 2011 04:17:42 +0000
"Burns, William" <burns at cshl.edu> wrote:

> Hmm...
> Anyone planning on going to the LIMARC hamfest?
> http://www.limarc.org/fest.htm

Yes, we'll be there. If we can find a couple of cheap scanners for the
2-meter band (144-148 MHz), they can be used as additional telemetry
logging/position reporting for balloon launches.

Last fall, I picked up an old RadioShack unit that handles 30-54,
136-174, and 380-512 MHz for $20. Scanners don't require a license, and
if you add a laptop and an audio cord, you can direct monitor the
balloon's APRS signal.

There's also lots of neat crap for super cheap if the right vendors
show up...


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