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  Sorry I haven't been into this email account since Friday - super busy
weekend (wedding anniversary, trip into Brooklyn, and I set up a camera
I should have mentioned in my original post email that I was unable to
attend on Saturday .  I've had some ideas about how to steer the decent, but
I think that the Styrofoam glider idea is the best. 
It allows for a fast decent and that minimizes the effect of wind.  Steering
a slower moving parachute is easier, but wind will still carry it further I
think if the decent is slower.
Also, instead of an actively controlled decent, the glider could just be
fixed for a spiral decent.  Is there a maximum decent rate allowed by law?


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Thanks for doing the course prediction.

Wow. It looks like that balloon course was straight down. (south)

I don't like the exact landing spot, but it seems like it's surrounded by
farmland, so if the predictions are off a bit, it could land in a good
retrievable spot.

It's also *kinda* close to Airhaven Airport.

If it goes off course in that direction it could be a serious problem.

Maybe there's a better launch location for this weather pattern.

For the record, I'm available Saturday if there's a chase team ready to go.

Helium tanks, a station-wagon, a boat and a weather balloon are packed and
all set.

Sean: If you're ready+willing to go tomorrow, please send me your phone
number. (with a direct e-mail, not on the list)

We'd need Joe (and others) to chime in here too.

Since I haven't seen anybody else respond on the list, I assume that we
can't launch this weekend.

If the launch situation changes, someone please give me a call.


(516) 367-6813

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Hi everyone,
Per our discussion on Wednesday, Here is the predicted landing site:

It looks like a semi-rural area surrounded by a good network of roads.
Weather forecast for Clinton Corners, NY tomorrow is mostly sunny, high of
97 F, 20% chance of rain, winds at 5-10mph.
Forecast for Rosco, NY is mostly sunny, high of 94 F, winds at 5-10mph.

Here is the launch information I entereded into the CUSF landing predictor:
Lat/Lon: 41.9302/-74.9079
Launch altitude: 395m
Launch time: 15:00 UTC (10:00 EST)
Date: 23 July 2011
Ascent rate: 5.85 m/s
Burst Alt: 20,000m
Descent rate: 5.85 m/s

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