[islandlabs] Next Meeting Location?

Burns, William burns at cshl.edu
Wed Mar 9 06:02:19 UTC 2011

It's official.
We no longer have access to the office at StonyBrook.
'till we find another spot, meetings will be at my house.
If someone could update the website, that'd be cool.

Here's our list of names for I-Con:

Jonathan Dahan
William Burns
Joe Suda
Amy Cott
Justin Seyster
John Payne


Jonathan wants to do an Embeded Computing+Arduino talk.
He also wants to do a Kinect Demo.

John Payne is going to look through the experiments on the Kitchen Science link to find more stuff for the Kitchen Science Panel.
So far we have:
1) Electric Pickle.
2) Pulsejet
3) I think I can do a fire tornado.
4) We can get dry ice for a cloud chamber, but we don't know how we're gonna pull that one off.
5) ...?

John Payne thinks we should try doing Kitchen Science twice. (Saturday and Sunday?)
If that's gonna happen, someone (not me, maybe John?) needs to take responsibility for moving around whatever equipment+supplies are needed for that panel.

John is also thinking of going ahead with the "Build a Robot Army" panel, but going back to the papercraft idea, instead of the electronics focused version we did last year.

The other panels:
1HR: Balloon Talk 2.0
2HR: Intro to Linux: Theory; Intro to Linux: Practice
2HR: Science Trivia Challenge (with prizes)


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> I-Con:
> I've got you down for being on all our I-Con panels. Is that OK? Will
> you (for sure) be at I-Con? Who else thinks they want to be on I-Con
> panels? Currently on panels: Me, Jonathan, Joe, Amy, Justin. (I need
> last names to go along w/ the last 3 people 'cause my memory sucks)

Joe Suda
Amy Cott

> Joe:
> How come I didn't pay you your radio money?

Because I'm too damn polite to pester you!

> (Is it OK to wait 'till
> wednesday,

Yes. This week, the window opens for arrival (technically, Thursday).

> How come I didn't give you your computers? (they're taking up space
> in my wagon)

Because you didn't tell me you have them. That's something else we can
forget to take care of while we burn down the kitchen...

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