[islandlabs] Meeting Location?

Burns, William burns at cshl.edu
Tue Mar 15 17:53:12 UTC 2011


Do you think you'll make it to the Island Labs meeting this week?
If so, could you bring the bigger AVR you were talking about?

BTW: The website looks like it's down again.
I was thinking (again) of trying to put my AVR notes online.
Do you have a suggestion of a good place for those docs?

I expect to have a quarter-block of dry ice at this meeting.
That should give us a better shot at doing a cloud chamber.

Lori brought a better lazy-suzan, and I think I figured out why we didn't get full-height out of the fire tornado last time. This time we should be able to go the full height of the screen tube.

Joe got the full-size mason jars, so we've got all the material I can think of for pulse-jets.
(thinking of doing a coat-hanger stabilizer for the juice-jars too)

We need more stuff to add to the mix.
John Payne said that he'd check-out the kitchen science links for more ideas.

Hopefully people will have more ideas to exchange at the meeting.


Yes, the meeting is still at my house.

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