[islandlabs] Balloon!

Joe toolfox at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 15:37:15 UTC 2011

On Sat, 26 Mar 2011 16:12:50 -0400
Joe <toolfox at gmail.com> wrote:

> Bill, I can wire up the second camera to this new spec and get it to
> you this weekend so you can move forward on the camera control
> software; writing code is now the major blocking task. Once we have a
> working control system, we need to do some accelerated long-term
> testing (running the system for three to four hours and review the
> photos and video...and repeating that test in the freezer to
> stress-test the hardware.
> If we swap cameras, I can then upgrade the first camera's wiring.

...And since I haven't heard anything back, I've gone ahead and rewired
the camera I have to the new 5-wire spec.

Bill, we need to swap cameras so I can rewire the one you have and you
can work on programming control for a video camera in addition to the
still camera. Each camera has three control/feedback wires, so the
AtTiny45 will be at it's limit of 6 I/O pins.

Let's get rolling. There are only two weekends left.


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